About Libby



If you made it this far, you're probably wondering who I am. My name is Caitlyn Elizabeth Webber, but I prefer to write as Libby. I'm a proud New Englander, from a small city in an even smaller state, Waterbury, Connecticut.

I fell in love with writing after I read the first Harry Potter book in the seventh grade. It was the first book I even finished for fun, and I haven't stopped reading or writing since. I devoured all things fantastical and mythical-from the page to the big screen and all formats in-between. I craved the fast pace of action-driven movies (from long James Bond marathons with my father) and a touch of darkness, influenced by Edgar Allan Poe.

Although I have my BFA in Creative Writing from UNCW, it was not my first degree path. I wanted to study Asian studies with a concentration in Japanese. But, when my husband joined the Marine Corps, we landed in North Carolina, where fate would have it, there was not an Asian studies program with a concentration on Japanese, but instead a fantastic creative writing program.

I still love all things Japanese, and when fate struck again via my husband's orders, my family and I were lucky enough to spend three years living in Paradise aka Okinawa, Japan. We recently returned stateside to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where we are raising our two children and the cat until our next set of orders, which I hope leads us back to Okinawa.

In the meantime, I'm writing, I'm critiquing, and I'm pursuing my Master's in Library and Information Science through Drexel University.

Besides writing, I'm a cat lover. A tarot card reader. A mystic. I'm a recovering coffee-addict (I had to give up my 4 cups a day in order to keep my anxiety under control) and instead I've moved to becoming a tea lover. I'm very a proud Slytherin. My nights are spent perfecting my Jiu-jitsu technique, and during those very rare spare moments I can be caught binge watching Netflix and devouring too much ice cream.