You Need a Master’s to be a Librarian?

I often am asked–Why a Master’s in Information and Library Sciences? Do you really need that to be a Librarian? The Answer is Yes. Absolutely, Positively, Hell Yes. So here are 6 reasons (not an exhaustive list in the slightest) why you may need a Master’s in order to run a successful library, because Librarians do more than checkout books and re-shelf them.

1. Have you ever heard of AACR2? How about MARC? RDA? If you want an idea of what gets into ‘putting a book into the computer’ there is a great resource right here that will look like gibberish to you, but is the language of cataloging.
2. Do you know how to create budget? Write a Grant? Do you understand how to appeal to the shareholders of the library to ensure funding continues to come? These are things you need to know to keep your library alive.
3. Do you know the demographic of your area? Can you create a program plan based off the demographics? Why about the future demographic? Another valuable skill.
4. What makes a program successful? How do you measure the outcome of a program when it is the confidence of a child in school, or the comfort of escaping into a book away from harsh realities? There are many courses dedicated just to these topics.
5. Can you read and write in html? Okay this one may not be *required* but it sure is helpful in creating an online pretense that keeps the library current.
6. What ever the most up and coming technology is, the librarians are already learning about it and the best way to teach others how to use it.

Why do I want to be a librarian? Because the library is not a house of books–it’s a house of knowledge, and no matter how the knowledge is being presented you can be sure there are librarians already figuring out how it can be accessible to everyone in the community.

Go with the FLO

Hurricane Florence swept into our lives last week, chasing us home to CT. The whole experience could have been catastrophic, with two kids and the cat, and two stressed adults, unsure what we were leaving behind (did we forget anything??) and what we might come back to—A leaky roof? A flooded house? A looted house? As Florence was upgraded to a nearly Cat 5, we decided the safest place for our children was anywhere but there. We did a quick house prep, packed what we could reasonable fit into a our car, and headed home.

What I’ve learned retreating from Hurricane Florence:

1. Somethings are irreplaceable, but nothing is more irreplaceable than our sanity.

Bring the pictures? Leave them on the wall? What about the filing cabinet of important papers? I’m am insanely grateful to live in a time where there is pretty much a guarantee of finding a digital copy of every photo I have hanging in my house. As for the documents, we grabbed the most important and packed the rest in coolers and put them on high ground.

If it were up to my hubby the guns and passports were ready and he was good to go. I’m sure he will be grateful I grabbed a copy of our lease should we need to for damages and whatnot. And the bag full of snacks he ate during that 14 hour car ride would have been missing as well.

2. Go with the FLO.

Making the decision to leave was hard, but I’m glad we left. So many cool things have happened since we got home. I got to visit with family who were also visiting from out of state. We got to have mini vacation with my kids. AND I was able to be at my niece’s very first tattoo appointment—where she got a matching tattoo to mine. She is the coolest kid ever. Just make the decision and GO.

Matching celtic knot tattoos

3. Humor makes the world go round.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many memes directed to a natural disaster. I live by the thought if you can’t laugh about it—figure out how to*. Laughter and humor are not only coping mechanisms, but can bring people together.

Map of US. NC lit up as only state to make meme out of natural disasters

*Disclaimer I understand there are times when laughter and humor are not appropriate, this is a general thought I live by,, and there are always exceptions.

4. Home is where the cat is happy.

Being a military family, we move quiet often. In 2013, we relocated to Okinawa, Japan. A beautiful place I look forward to returning to one day. We had the cat set to go—but the military had to change our flight last minute, and my 1st child (cat), Kozo, could not fly with us. My amazing sister took him in, the plan was to send him once we got settled. But she fell in love and didn’t want the cat to travel across the world alone and took him in for the 3 years we were gone. We returned home, happily reunited with the cat and we all move to NC. When we arrived back at my sisters last week, Kozo could not be happier. He jumped out of the kennel, slapped the dog on the face (they’re old friends) and went searching for where his food used to be. He’s not a social cat, but he’s been in his happy zone since we’ve been here. My cat knows where the heart of this family is, and it’s here at my sister’s house.


Whenever I begin a new project it always involves a List. I live by Lists, and while I’ve attempted blogging too many times to mention, I’ve failed because I try and fit into the expected vision of a blog: A single focus. A flowing narrative. Pictures. (Did you notice the list?) Even when I write, I find lists forming in my characters minds and popping up in my narrative. It’s natural for me, as I crave the short and to the point approach.

So why not apply this approach to my blogging? Exactly–Why Not? I hope you enjoy the upcoming lists, and checklists, and fact sheets, and it encourages you to write some of your own.

Facts About Me:

-I Mom two kiddos. Daughter 7. Son 5.

-I Wife–An amazing man and US Marine.

-I Write, because the voices in my head are only appeased when I do.

-I Jiujitsu–and Jiujitsu hard some times. I am a proud Gracie Certified Instructor, and the Women Empowered program is my lifeblood at the moment.

-I Teach. ages 3-300, I will show you strength does not matter. Leverage. Technique. Timing. Commitment.

-I Study. Master’s in Library and Information Science-Graduation date: December 2018!!

-I Read & Binge TV. There will be many many lists on this for sure!

Each item here is a piece of who I am and they influence everything I do. So who says I can’t write about it all?