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Social Distancing for the Win

These last few months of social distancing has impacted my family in a very different way than I expected. I swore we would be at each other throats. That I would be an awful fill in for a teacher. That I would spend my days endlessly on social media doing nothing. But the opposite happened. […]

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QuaranTeamed & QuaranTime

I’m not an essential employee, and have the ability to be home with my kids with the tools to help school them while my husband continues to work. I thought being asked to stay home for social distancing was going to be EASY. I’m an introvert. I love my house. I’d have unlimited time to […]

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So it begins…2020

January took at least 600 days to go by. I don’t know what happened to February, and now suddenly we are on virius-lockdown and its March. And I have a rare opportunity to just be. To sit back and take stock of the projects started and not yet finished. Or the ones finished but just […]

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