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Whenever I begin a new project it always involves a List. I live by Lists, and while I’ve attempted blogging too many times to mention, I’ve failed because I try and fit into the expected vision of a blog: A single focus. A flowing narrative. Pictures. (Did you notice the list?) Even when I write, I find lists forming in my characters minds and popping up in my narrative. It’s natural for me, as I crave the short and to the point approach.

So why not apply this approach to my blogging? Exactly–Why Not? I hope you enjoy the upcoming lists, and checklists, and fact sheets, and it encourages you to write some of your own.

Facts About Me:

-I Mom two kiddos. Daughter 7. Son 5.

-I Wife–An amazing man and US Marine.

-I Write, because the voices in my head are only appeased when I do.

-I Jiujitsu–and Jiujitsu hard some times. I am a proud Gracie Certified Instructor, and the Women Empowered program is my lifeblood at the moment.

-I Teach. ages 3-300, I will show you strength does not matter. Leverage. Technique. Timing. Commitment.

-I Study. Master’s in Library and Information Science-Graduation date: December 2018!!

-I Read & Binge TV. There will be many many lists on this for sure!

Each item here is a piece of who I am and they influence everything I do. So who says I can’t write about it all?

Libby Webber is a writer of young adult novels. She is a coffee addict and a book hoarder. When she is not writing, she is watching endless reruns of her favorite TV shows, attempting to cook, and napping with her kids. Libby Webber currently resides in Okinawa, Japan with her husband and two children.

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