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Whenever I begin a new project it always involves a List. I live by Lists, and while I’ve attempted blogging too many times to mention, I’ve failed because I try and fit into the expected vision of a blog: A single focus. A flowing narrative. Pictures. (Did you notice the list?) Even when I write, I find lists forming in my characters minds and popping up in my narrative. It’s natural for me, as I crave the short and to the point approach.

So why not apply this approach to my blogging? Exactly–Why Not? I hope you enjoy the upcoming lists, and checklists, and fact sheets, and it encourages you to write some of your own.

Facts About Me:

-I Mom two kiddos. Daughter 7. Son 5.

-I Wife–An amazing man and US Marine.

-I Write, because the voices in my head are only appeased when I do.

-I Jiujitsu–and Jiujitsu hard some times. I am a proud Gracie Certified Instructor, and the Women Empowered program is my lifeblood at the moment.

-I Teach. ages 3-300, I will show you strength does not matter. Leverage. Technique. Timing. Commitment.

-I Study. Master’s in Library and Information Science-Graduation date: December 2018!!

-I Read & Binge TV. There will be many many lists on this for sure!

Each item here is a piece of who I am and they influence everything I do. So who says I can’t write about it all?

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