The 2018 Wrap-up, a few months later…

“Anything worth chasing must have a real chance of disappearing.”

Libby Webber

The year-end crept up on me, and I wrote this post in December in order to reflect on the past year and set impossible goals for the year to come. It is now April, and I’m wondering where the last few months have jetted to.

2018 was a magnificent year. I completed several major long-term goals:

  1. Became a Gracie Certified JiuJitsu Instructor.
  2. Became a Gracie Women Empowered Certified Instructor.
  3. Earned my Masters of Science in Information and Library Sciences From Drexel.

It feels like a short list for me, but those goals were two years in the making. A good deal of the sweat, tears, and mental breakdowns happened in 2017, and then the true test of my confidence and courage brought them to completion all the way through the end of 2018.

In terms of lessons, I learned a few big ones:

  1. Anything worth chasing must have a real chance of disappearing.
  2. Some goals do have an expiration date.
  3. Priorities. Priorities. Priorities.
  • Knowing that Grad School would be finished soon forced me to focus all my energy on it. I had to make the hard choices of here my engird went.
  • Some goals do have an expiration date: This is a semi-true statement. I could have extended my Master’s degree to take fewer classes and therefore dedicate my time to jiujitsu. But financially, my funding for school was running out-and grad school is expensive. I began jiujitsu 3 years ago, and the progress I see is astounding. I realized I could come back to jiujitsu with more vigor in 2019, but Grad school needed to be complete, and I needed good grades to keep my funding. My chance to finish grad school without debt was an opportunity to complete a major life-goal which trumped everything.
A rare photo of me sleeping. I had pulled several nights of 2 hours of sleep trying to finish up finals, while being the Mom my kids needed during the day and working as a jiujitsu instructor at night. I sat down and that was the end of the day for me.

Priorities are essential to thriving in chaos, which I’ve come to learn I do quite will. The thriving…not so much the priority setting.

Making yourself a priority may seem selfish and counter productive when chasing several goals. However, I promise you, your mental health and those around you will thank you for taking the needed time to not think at all.

My self-care included:

  1. Writing when the muses visited–even with a paper due. I knew my brain and soul were begging for a break from coding or cataloging when I could bang out 5k words for a manuscript, but not a 500 word essay.
  2. Long hot showers. To be honest, I would sometimes listen to my online lectures while in these long hot showers, but the mono-tone voices were less boring when I could shave my legs at the same time.
  3. Saying “No”. This is a huge one, and part of what drew me to the Gracie Jiujitsu Women Empowered curriculum I now teach. Set boundaries, and tell people no. No I cannot stay for an extra class. No I cannot read you another bedtime story. No, I don’t really want to go out, even though I know you want me to say yes. The power of saying NO to others, and YES to the muses, the long hot showers, the mindless few hours on Netflix–alone with ice cream and pretending there aren’t deadlines creeping in will empower you to be able to chase those goals even harder.

2018 was an amazing year, and I know we’re 4 months into 2019, but it’s looking pretty promising as well. I know myself enough to know blogging is not my strong suit, but the occasional update will be posted as the year move on.

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Libby Webber is a writer of young adult novels. She is a coffee addict and a book hoarder. When she is not writing, she is watching endless reruns of her favorite TV shows, attempting to cook, and napping with her kids. Libby Webber currently resides in Okinawa, Japan with her husband and two children.

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