After PitchWars – 2019

When I start projects, there isn’t usually a time limit. I like to take the the journey, enjoy the process. My finished novel is no different. I’ve spent around ten years perfecting this novel. I’ve raised children, altering my perspective on the characters. I’ve moved across the world. Found a calling as a Jiujitsu Instructor. I’ve attended Grad School, buried loved ones, and grown as a person from the very first word on the page all those years ago.

But one thing has never changed–I have never abandoned these characters, or more appropriately, they have never abandoned me. We always come back to each other.

This PitchWars season was my 3rd, maybe 4th, entry. I knew my characters were ready, and I did receive a full request. That feeling of validation was fantastic. But I didn’t make the final cut as a mentee.

So, what now?

Industry standards are one reason my querying has fallen short. The manuscript is too long for a debut novel. It is pushed aside before given a chance because of the number of words written in the query.

So, what now?

I’m contemplating the Self-Publishing route. The manuscript is polished. The story is loved by those who read it. It needs to be out there and off my shelf.

Finding Inspiration.


Libby Webber is a writer of young adult novels. She is a coffee addict and a book hoarder. When she is not writing, she is watching endless reruns of her favorite TV shows, attempting to cook, and napping with her kids. Libby Webber currently resides in Okinawa, Japan with her husband and two children.

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