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Libby Webber fell in love with writing before she fell in love with reading, but after finding the first Harry Potter book those many moons ago, she fell in love with the world of words and hasn’t stopped reading or writing since.

She soon devoured all things fantastical and mythical–from the page to the big screen and all formats in-between. She craved the fast pace of action-driven movies (from long James Bond marathons with her father), and a touch of darkness, influenced by Edgar Allan Poe.

As a certified Gracie Jiujitsu Instructor, Libby spends her time teaching women and children how to stand up for themselves and those around them.

When not writing and kicking butt, she is a cat lover, a tarot card reader, a coffee-addict, and a proud Slytherin. She currently resides in North Carolina with her family.