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QuaranTeamed & QuaranTime

I’m not an essential employee, and have the ability to be home with my kids with the tools to help school them while my husband continues to work. I thought being asked to stay home for social distancing was going to be EASY. I’m an introvert. I love my house. I’d have unlimited time to write, read, and create.

NOPE. That’s not what happened at all.

It’s loud over here. It’s challenging to virtual school the kids and work from home. And my mind and body are not nearly busy enough with my usual activities and projects to keep it from spiraling to the places I’d rather it not. I can go on and on about the challenges, about the mistakes we’ve made, but we have found something more valuable than all of that.

We’ve discovered the importance of time and how to work as a team.

A quick glimpse into a week before the quarantine involved early mornings for school, and then gymnastics, karate, jiujitsu, soccer, track or some other activity right after school until about 8 pm, with me finishing work around 9pm. We were rushed, always ate a late dinner, did a quick shower and hurried bedtime just to be up at 630 to repeat the next day. Weekends were just as busy with practices and competitions. My kids thrive when active and busy, and I love that I can work where they play. But it came at the expense of family dinners, easy bedtimes, and having help around the house.

These last few weeks we needed to develop a new routine, and everyone got to be a key player. For the first time, we are a TEAM. In cleaning, in cooking, in entertaining, and in talking. Every one of us has an important part. It was hard to see that when I was orchestrating our lives through busy schedules and arranging drop off and pick ups. We have a chance to build our foundation for what we find important as a family in the future. This is an opportunity to grow during a QuaranTeam, and I am excited.

This quarantine has also given us Time, a currency so precious but spent so often without thought of if it’s really worth what we’re spending it on.

What return are the hours spent on activities giving us? Does it feed the soul? Is it hiding the demons? I see the benefit and importance of martial arts and gymnastics in my kids lives. They are continuing to find a place for them even when they can’t attend the group activities right now.

Some of these days are flying by in distractions and fights. Other days are dragging on, seeming to never end. But maybe, how a child in need of attention will repeat the same thing over and over, the days are simply are asking to be spent with purpose and intention. If time could speak perhaps it would be saying, “Pay attention to me! I am valuable, don’t waste me!”

Each day has only 24 hours in it. It’s the perception of that time that is changing. So Pause. Take the opportunity to ask if you are spending your most precious currency on something worthwhile. Would you trade a 4 karate diamond for a rotten banana peel? Your last day on earth to stare at a wall? This is a rare chance for some of us to take stock of our TIME and how we invest it. Hence, this is our QuaranTime.

There is plenty to complain about. And complaining isn’t bad, but living in it is. We are going to enjoy our Time and reassess how we spend it. We’re learning the importance of our Team, and that we each have a vital role, even if it is taking out the trash or folding the towels.

I know this quarantine has created many challenges in people’s lives. But what has this Quarantine brought into your life?

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