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So it begins…2020

January took at least 600 days to go by. I don’t know what happened to February, and now suddenly we are on virius-lockdown and its March.

And I have a rare opportunity to just be. To sit back and take stock of the projects started and not yet finished. Or the ones finished but just sitting there wondering ‘now what?’. This include a working website and a functional blog.

A new year equals a new focus and I am going to take the next 14 days to re-capture my creativity outside of work. I want to refocus my goals now that my husband has orders and we can semi-plan for the next 3 years as a military family.

Blogging is not my passion, but writing and creating fuels my soul. So this is a pace for updates, revelations, and accountability. Because we all need that in our lives. It may not be all writing related because I’m more than the words on a page. I’m a mom, a jiujitsu practitioner, a spiritual wanderer. I’ve been in a movie (say what!). I love to learn, and inspire and have debates about fictional characters I’m currently infatuated with.

Are you Interested? Sweet! See you on the next update.

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