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Social Distancing for the Win

These last few months of social distancing has impacted my family in a very different way than I expected. I swore we would be at each other throats. That I would be an awful fill in for a teacher. That I would spend my days endlessly on social media doing nothing.

But the opposite happened. I HAD to show up for my kiddos. Six and eight are difficult ages to school. My youngest can’t type that well, and my oldest insists she knows it all. I did my best to shutdown my anxiety, my depression, my overall inability to function with a house full of people, and I showed up and surprised us all. Yes we’ve had rough days. But more often than not m kids have been rockstars. Not just with school, but with helping with chores, being overall cool kids.

I don’t normally get to see this side of them. We are busy with school and activities, and then trying to fit in responsibilities between all of that just doesn’t work. Some social distancing did the trick, though. It allowed for us to see that an overbuy schedule isn’t always the answer. I’m sure we will fill back up when gymnastics and martial arts open up again, but it will be an intentional fill up. With intentional breaks. My kids are thriving with us at home. With the family being home at the same time with out any rush to be anywhere.

This time has given me the time to write. Intentionally write. My muses left me with plenty of ideas to keep me busy, and I’m excited to have the time to write, and not just ‘fit it in’ between overbooked schedules.

I started a garden! A real garden with growing plants and everything! This is important because I believed myself to have a black thumb–never keeping plants alive. But my husband-always supportive–built a box garden and it is currently my joy in life. It fuels my spiritual side more than I imagined.

Not everyone’s experience during this social distancing has been as fortunate. But I’ve learned to find the best in every situation, and pull the good out of it to share. It’s not always easy–but it reminds me of who I want to be.

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